Pediatrics Home Care Services

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  Welcome to CarePro Pediatrics Home Health Care Agency

We specialize in Pediatrics Home Health Care delivery. We bring effective, professional and compassionate care to your home.


  Health Care at Home

Home health is designed to help patients recover quickly and more independently in their comfortable surroundings. Evidence shows that patients tend to do better and recover faster when they are in more familiar comfortable settings such as their homes. The home environment also affords the patient more independence. This is a priceless benefit.


  Children Home Health Care

We provide home care services specialized for children ages birth through young adulthood (20 years of age). We offer comprehensive home health care in your home for up to 24 hours a day. Our registered nurses and licensed vocational nurses are specialized in pediatrics care giving, and are trained to meet the unique needs of your child. Make an appointment today. Call 972-230-4747 and let us discuss how we can best help you.


  How Our Home Health Services Help

Our home health services provide skilled nursing visits and education to help manage chronic illnesses, including, skin, respiratory, eye, liver, kidney, tongue, cardiovascular and other diagnoses. We also offer wound care and rehabilitation for patients recovering from surgical procedures.


  Recovering at Home

We help patients recover at home so they can live as independently as possible after a hospital stay. Home health may also help people avoid going to the hospital in the first place. And of course, cost of care is often lower when care is dispensed at home than at the hospital or clinic.


  Personalized Home Health Services

The care we deliver is individualized. We collaborate closely with the patient's physician to deliver an effective care to the patient. We can help manage medications and provide personalized physical therapy programs to help prevent falls and promote safety in the home, among other services.


  How Can I Pay?

If you or your loved one are covered under Medicare A benefits, our services may be available at no cost to you. Most insurance companies provide home health benefits. To find out more, just call us. Our care advisers will be glad to assist you.


Benefits Of Home Health Care

In lieu of confusing insurance regulations and its complexities,image it seems that getting treated in a hospital or other health care facilities is more hassle than its worth. More and more people are opting for receiving health care at home and this has become a growing trend.

A lot of people tend to agree that there are a lot of benefits you receive for home health care. The services rendered by home health care providers are just as competent in any other health facilities and has the added advantage of making them come to your house rather than the other way around.

Other benefits of home health care include:

The benefits of receiving medical care at home are endless and it has been proven time and again how its advantages are helping patients do better because they have a higher quality of life every day thanks to home health care.

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